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'A Heavy Squall' by Walter Welch 'A Simple Life' by Louis Offenberg Junior 'Cat' by J.M. Lewthwaite 'Chastity belt; nonny, nonny!' 'Come Ye Apart' 'Devil's Water near Corbridge' by J Miller 'Eclipse' by R.T. Matthews 'Modern Styles' (1913) by J.M. 'O What Did I Do With My Teeth' by H.T. 'The Angel of the North'
'You Made Me Love You' by Wylam Welch 'Your menu sir!' “ A Thing Of Shreds And Patches” “'Appy at work” “Auntie Betty and Uncle Ted” “Beside The Seaside” “Didn't we all go there in the 50's?” “Double-9” dominoes “Grannie” Anderson
“Healing Hands” “In An Old World Garden” “Just an Able Seaman” “Little Olaf and The Bears” - Title page “Maria Martin”: or “The Murder In The Red Barn” “Moated Grange” Copt Oak Leicestershire “Put And Take” “Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes” “The Captain of the Pinafore” “The Companion Letter Writer”
“The Linotype” “The Mikado” 1904 “The Mikado” plate “The Mind Of Jesus” “The Mind Of Jesus” - Dedication “The Mind Of Jesus” - Title Plate ‘In Loving Memory’ - John Craxford ‘In Loving Memory’ - Mary Elizabeth Claypole ‘In Loving Memory’ - verse "Nuthin'" by Peter Low
1, Hallington Mews, Killingworth 10, Gunthorpe Close, Sherwood, Nottingham 103, Bosworth Street, Leicester 107, Gerrard Street, Aberdeen 11, Ashford Avenue, Moorside, Swinton 16, Stoughton Road, Oadby, Leicester 18, Stoughton Road, Oadby 19 Ebrington Road, Harrow 19, Kenilworth Road, Monkseaton, Tyne and Wear 358, Fosse Road North, Leicester
52, Regent Street, Oadby 6, Pittodrie Place, Aberdeen 74, Hinckley Road, Leicester 80, Rosebery Avenue, Preston Village 96, Westcotes Drive, Leicester A Beadsworth family portrait A cartoon by D McGarrick A Claypole family group portrait A Claypole Wedding Group

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