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Front Cover: The 69 Year Book Frontispiece P0001: Dedication P0203: The '69 Club P0405: The Year Club Committee P0607: The '69 Club Year Book and Editorial P0809: The Members
P7273: The Staff P7475: Anatomy
P7677: Physiology; Biochemistry P7879: Microbiology; Pathology P8081: Pharmacy and Therapeutics; Medicine P8283: Medicine (continued) P8485: Surgery, Orthopaedics; Neurosurgery; ENT P8687: Child Health; Psychiatry P8889: Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Public Health; Forensic Medicine P9091: Clinical Chemistry; Dermatology; Geriatrics; Anaesthetics; Radiology; Opthalmology P9293: In Memoriam P9697: Tailpiece
Rear: Year Book

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