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Family of Clara Jarvis and Vincent Alfred Tilley

m. 2 Aug 1883 (F8461)

Family chart 

Samuel Tilley
Male (1823-1901)
Mary Ann Tilley
Female (1833-1910)
John William Tilley
Male (1853-1918)
Arthur Tilley
Male (1857-1948)
Thomas Tilley
Male (1860-1873)
Mary Edna Tilley
Female (1862-1864)
Edna Louisa Tilley
Female (1865-1927)
Lewis Tilley
Male (1867-1868)
Samuel Tilley
Male (1870-1870)
Mary Ann Tilley
Female (1873-1944)
James Jarvis
Male (1833-1908)
Matilda Coles
Female (1834-1903)
John Jarvis
Male (1855-1918)
Mary Ann Jarvis
Female (1857-1933)
William Alfred Jarvis
Male (1859-1931)
Elizabeth Jarvis
Female (1862-1942)
James Jarvis
Male (1866-1948)
Jabez Jarvis
Male (1868-1887)
David Jarvis
Male (1870-1942)
Ernest Jarvis
Male (1877-1939)
Vincent Alfred Tilley
Male (1854-1889)Relationship
Clara Jarvis
Female (1864-1925)Relationship
Beatrice Edith Tilley
Female (1883-1965)
Clara Louisa Tilley
Female (1885-1953)
Herbert Tilley
Male (1888-1894)
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