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Matches 1 to 30 of 446 for Tree equals Extended Craxford Family AND Branch equals The main Craxford branch RED pages I5 (James Ernest Craxford) + I77 (Arthur Craxford)

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   Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Tree 
1 F7160
 Claypole, Sarah Anne   Extended Craxford Family 
2 F731
 Craxford, Ann   Extended Craxford Family 
3 F867
 Munton, Elizabeth   Extended Craxford Family 
4 F8671
 Jackson, Gertrude   Extended Craxford Family 
5 F9309
 Claypole, Mary   Extended Craxford Family 
6 F737
 Preedy, Hannah 22 Aug 1859 St Thomas' Church, Coventry, Warwickshire  Extended Craxford Family 
7 F758
 Owen, Caroline Ann Mar 1872 Foleshill, Warwickshire  Extended Craxford Family 
8 F744
 Preedy, Ann 13 Oct 1872 All Saints Church, Coventry, Warwickshire  Extended Craxford Family 
9 F743
 Preedy, Eliza 31 Aug 1873 St Mark's Church, Coventry, Warwickshire  Extended Craxford Family 
10 F751
 Preedy, Edith Dec 1900 Coventry, Warwickshire  Extended Craxford Family 
11 F750
 Preedy, Florence 25 Dec 1902 St Mark's Church, Coventry, Warwickshire  Extended Craxford Family 
12 F464
Abraham, John Craxford, Lucy Ann 12 Mar 1887 Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Griffithstown, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales  Extended Craxford Family 
13 F8579
Adams, Alfred Lineker, Elizabeth 24 Mar 1913 St Wilfred's Church, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire  Extended Craxford Family 
14 F8573
Adams, Joseph Pridmore, Mary Craxford 6 Aug 1888 St Barnabus Church, New Humberstone, Leicester, Leicestershire  Extended Craxford Family 
15 F901
Armstrong, Arthur Alfred Underhill, Alice Lydia 1896 Nottinghamshire  Extended Craxford Family 
16 F8470
Ashby, William [--?--], Mary   Extended Craxford Family 
17 F593
Ayling, Thomas Craxford, Emma Elizabeth Mary 9 Aug 1903 St Clement Danes, Westminster, London  Extended Craxford Family 
18 F126
Baker, James Craxford, Betsy 3 Oct 1878 St George's Church, Leicester, Leicestershire  Extended Craxford Family 
19 F8471
Baker, John Claypole, Sarah 2 Apr 1839 Great Easton, Leicestershire  Extended Craxford Family 
20 F8680
Barrett, Oliver Ankerville Jackson, Lydia 12 Sep 1906 St John the Baptist Church, Randwick, Stroud, Gloucestershire  Extended Craxford Family 
21 F9038
Barrett, Ronald J Morris, Phyllis Myra 9 Oct 1937 St John's Church, Worcester, Worcestershire  Extended Craxford Family 
22 F9151
Beadsworth, Alfred Rowlett, Mary 19 May 1894 Rothwell, Kettering, Northamptonshire  Extended Craxford Family 
23 F392
Beadsworth, Anthony Mayes, Mary Henrietta 5 Dec 1858 Cottingham, Northamptonshire  Extended Craxford Family 
24 F90
Beadsworth, Arthur Craxford, Louisa 29 Dec 1902 St Mary Magdalene, Cottingham, Northamptonshire  Extended Craxford Family 
25 F394
Beadsworth, Bernard Flint, Lillian 30 Aug 1941 Register Office, Kettering, Northamptonshire  Extended Craxford Family 
26 F9150
Beadsworth, Ernest Edward Binley, Grace Rosina 8 Oct 1903 St Mary Magdalene, Cottingham, Northamptonshire  Extended Craxford Family 
27 F9152
Beadsworth, Ernest Edward Liquorish, Elsie Ellen 1933 St Mary Magdalene, Cottingham, Northamptonshire  Extended Craxford Family 
28 F141
Beadsworth, Frederick Laurence Ashwell, Eileen 20 Nov 1937 Cottingham, Northamptonshire  Extended Craxford Family 
29 F880
Beadsworth, George Spencer, Annie 1913 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire  Extended Craxford Family 
30 F883
Beadsworth, George Sole, Lilla 15 Apr 1941 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire  Extended Craxford Family 

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