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Matches 1 to 30 of 41 for Tree equals Extended Craxford Family AND Branch equals Branch for Wainwright, Liston-Smith based on Leonard K Wainwright (553) and John Cotterill (634)

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   Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Tree 
1 F488
Bedford, Reginald D Field, Kathleen 1937 Leeds, West Yorkshire  Extended Craxford Family 
2 F518
Bemrose, Frederick Edward Simmonds, Minnie Constance Evelyn 1895 Normanton, Derbyshire  Extended Craxford Family 
3 F9965
Bex, Herbert William Matkin, Mary 1900 Oakham, Rutland  Extended Craxford Family 
4 F11130
Bromhead, John Thomas Matkin, Ethel 27 Jul 1905 All Saint's Church, Oakham, Rutland  Extended Craxford Family 
5 F140
Chambers, Granville Wainwright, Nellie Roberta Sep 1893  Extended Craxford Family 
6 F190
Cotterill, John Roberts, Mary 8 Oct 1781 Barrowden, Rutland  Extended Craxford Family 
7 F515
Cotterill, Thomas Rothamley, Elizabeth 13 Jul 1813 Gedney, Lincolnshire  Extended Craxford Family 
8 F69
Craxford, Charles William Turner, Emily Jane 27 Dec 1886 Catholic Apostolic Church, Leeds, West Yorkshire  Extended Craxford Family 
9 F93
Craxford, Henry Dickson, Elsie 12 Jun 1926 St Roberts Church, Pannal, Harrogate, North Yorkshire  Extended Craxford Family 
10 F162
Craxford, Ivor Dickson Nokes, Valerie 1960 Knaresborough, North Yorkshire  Extended Craxford Family 
11 F10
Craxford, Robert Cotterill, Harriett 14 Dec 1823 Barrowden, Rutland  Extended Craxford Family 
12 F54
Craxford, William Wild, Harriet 21 Oct 1861 Christ Church, Derby, Derbyshire  Extended Craxford Family 
13 F11143
Ellingworth, Geoffrey Rowland Matkin, Margaret E 1940 Bedford, Bedfordshire  Extended Craxford Family 
14 F166
Field, Frank Percival Craxford, Florence 22 Apr 1914 St Augustine's Church, Wrangthorn, Leeds, West Yorkshire  Extended Craxford Family 
15 F11128
Freeman, James Herbert Matkin, Annie 1910 Oakham, Rutland  Extended Craxford Family 
16 F407
Gaunt, Frederick Charles Craxford, Nellie 12 Sep 1921 St Augustine's Church, Wrangthorn, Leeds, West Yorkshire  Extended Craxford Family 
17 F158
Goodman, William Craxford, Elizabeth 25 Dec 1869 Barrowden Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Barrowden, Rutland  Extended Craxford Family 
18 F70
Matkin, Charles Craxford, Sarah 18 Dec 1851 Baptist Chapel, Uppingham, Rutland  Extended Craxford Family 
19 F149
Matkin, Charles Green, Harriet 1873 Bedford, Bedfordshire  Extended Craxford Family 
20 F11144
Matkin, Charles Crebbin, Irene Grace 5 Jul 1915 Holy Trinity Church, New Barnet, Hertfordshire  Extended Craxford Family 
21 F11116
Matkin, Frederick George Reay, Eva 27 Jul 1887 St Matthew's Church, Oakley Square, London  Extended Craxford Family 
22 F11121
Matkin, Frederick George Platt, Lucy Ellen 1 Aug 1914 St James Methodist Church, Montreal, Canada  Extended Craxford Family 
23 F11135
Matkin, Frederick George Scott, Sylvia Aft 1930  Extended Craxford Family 
24 F11134
Matkin, Gerald Reay Groutage, Dorothy Elizabeth   Extended Craxford Family 
25 F11105
Matkin, Joseph Palmer, Mary   Extended Craxford Family 
26 F11122
Matkin, Joseph Wallis, Susannah 1852 Hull, East Yorkshire  Extended Craxford Family 
27 F10385
Matkin, Joseph Swift, Mary 9 Sep 1880 All Saint's Church, Oakham, Rutland  Extended Craxford Family 
28 F11137
Matkin, Joseph Hugh Wallis, Kate   Extended Craxford Family 
29 F11139
Matkin, Joseph William Ellingworth, Katie 15 Aug 1914 Romford, Essex  Extended Craxford Family 
30 F150
Matkin, Philip Lotherington, Laura Annie Crewe 5 Jan 1925 Ben Rhydding, Ilkley, West Yorkshire  Extended Craxford Family 

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