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Barrowden, Rutland


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
Notes: "Barrowden is a parish of 1,813 acres on the Northamptonshire border of Rutland. The river Welland forms its southern and part of its eastern border, separating it from Wakerley in Northants. The village lies about a quarter of a mile south of the main road from Uppingham to Peterborough."

From: 'Parishes: Barrowden', A History of the County of Rutland: Volume 2 (1935), pp. 170-175.

District/Village : Latitude: 52.590848, Longitude: -0.601845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 [--?--], Mary  1801Barrowden, Rutland I20389
2 [--?--], Elizabeth  1836Barrowden, Rutland I18383
3 Wignell, Marianne Elisabeth  Abt Mar 1865Barrowden, Rutland I581
4 Wignell, John James  Abt 1860Barrowden, Rutland I580
5 White, Mary Elizabeth  1865Barrowden, Rutland I18372
6 Nichols, Septimus  1855Barrowden, Rutland I22289
7 Myers, Anna  21 Mar 1824Barrowden, Rutland I19150
8 Hopkins, Sylvia Elizabeth  1870Barrowden, Rutland I26268
9 Gunnell, Lucy  1851Barrowden, Rutland I24526
10 Gunnell, George  Abt 1820Barrowden, Rutland I19466
11 Goodliffe, Josiah  1840Barrowden, Rutland I19196
12 Freeman, Arthur  1865Barrowden, Rutland I20762
13 Craxford, William  Apr 1834Barrowden, Rutland I22
14 Craxford, Rachel Kate  24 Sep 1837Barrowden, Rutland I23
15 Craxford, Mary  Aug 1826Barrowden, Rutland I20
16 Craxford, Lucy  1828Barrowden, Rutland I21
17 Craxford, John  14 Nov 1831Barrowden, Rutland I944
18 Craxford, Elizabeth  Sep 1843Barrowden, Rutland I24
19 Cotterill, William  25 Feb 1798Barrowden, Rutland I707
20 Cotterill, Thomas  1787Barrowden, Rutland I639
21 Cotterill, Sophia  29 May 1789Barrowden, Rutland I704
22 Cotterill, Sarah  22 Sep 1783Barrowden, Rutland I636
23 Cotterill, Mary  25 Dec 1799Barrowden, Rutland I708
24 Cotterill, Mary  18 Dec 1785Barrowden, Rutland I638
25 Cotterill, Joseph  19 Dec 1790Barrowden, Rutland I705
26 Cotterill, John  30 Jul 1784Barrowden, Rutland I637
27 Cotterill, John  23 Feb 1750Barrowden, Rutland I634
28 Cotterill, Harriett  19 Jan 1803Barrowden, Rutland I204
29 Cotterill, Elizabeth  23 Apr 1794Barrowden, Rutland I706


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Swan, Eleanor Jane  7 May 1809Barrowden, Rutland I12281
2 Pridmore, William  9 Oct 1774Barrowden, Rutland I25576
3 Myers, Anna  Apr 1824Barrowden Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Barrowden, Rutland I19150
4 Craxford, William  1834Barrowden, Rutland I22
5 Craxford, Sarah  14 Mar 1824Barrowden, Rutland I19
6 Craxford, Mary  13 Aug 1826Barrowden, Rutland I20
7 Craxford, Lucy  7 Jan 1829Barrowden, Rutland I21
8 Cotterill, Thomas  2 Sep 1787Barrowden, Rutland I639


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wignell, Marianne Elisabeth  13 Aug 1877Barrowden, Rutland I581
2 Wignell, John James  17 Jan 1905Barrowden, Rutland I580
3 White, John  Bef 1881Barrowden, Rutland I18382
4 Craxford, Robert  21 Apr 1868Barrowden, Rutland I18
5 Craxford, Lucy  13 Dec 1897Barrowden, Rutland I21
6 Cotterill, William  21 Aug 1799Barrowden, Rutland I707
7 Cotterill, Sophia  25 Dec 1790Barrowden, Rutland I704
8 Cotterill, Mary  16 Aug 1802Barrowden, Rutland I708
9 Cotterill, Mary  Sep 1786Barrowden, Rutland I638
10 Cotterill, Harriett  23 Jan 1894Barrowden, Rutland I204
11 Cotterill, Elizabeth  8 Dec 1798Barrowden, Rutland I706


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Wignell, Marianne Elisabeth  Abt 17 Aug 1877Barrowden Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Barrowden, Rutland I581
2 Wignell, John James  Abt 21 Jan 1905St Peter's Church, Barrowden, Rutland I580
3 Craxford, Robert  Abt 25 Apr 1868Barrowden Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Barrowden, Rutland I18
4 Craxford, Lucy  Abt 16 Dec 1897St Peter's Church, Barrowden, Rutland I21
5 Cotterill, Harriett  Abt 26 Jan 1894St Peter's Church, Barrowden, Rutland I204


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wignell, Marianne Elisabeth  1871(145), Barrowden, Rutland I581
2 Wignell, John James  1871(145), Barrowden, Rutland I580
3 Wignell, John James  1861(144), Barrowden, Rutland I580
4 Wignell, John  1861(144), Barrowden, Rutland I579
5 Wainwright, James Davies  1862Barrowden, Rutland I288
6 Roberts, Mary  1841Barrowden, Rutland I635
7 Nichols, Septimus  1891(63), Chapel Lane, Barrowden, Rutland I22289
8 Craxford, William  1841Barrowden, Rutland I22
9 Craxford, Robert  1861(75), Barrowden, Rutland I18
10 Craxford, Robert  1851(13), Barrowden, Rutland I18
11 Craxford, Robert  1841Barrowden, Rutland I18
12 Craxford, Rachel Kate  1861(75), Barrowden, Rutland I23
13 Craxford, Rachel Kate  1841-1859Barrowden, Rutland I23
14 Craxford, Rachel Kate  1851(13), Barrowden, Rutland I23
15 Craxford, Lucy  1891(115), Mill Lane, Barrowden, Rutland I21
16 Craxford, Lucy  1881(53), Barrowden, Rutland I21
17 Craxford, Lucy  1871(145), Barrowden, Rutland I21
18 Craxford, Lucy  1861(144), Barrowden, Rutland I21
19 Craxford, Lucy  1851(13), Barrowden, Rutland I21
20 Craxford, John  1841Barrowden, Rutland I944
21 Craxford, Elizabeth  1851(13), Barrowden, Rutland I24
22 Cotterill, Harriett  1891(115), Mill Lane, Barrowden, Rutland I204
23 Cotterill, Harriett  1881(52), Barrowden, Rutland I204
24 Cotterill, Harriett  1861(75), Barrowden, Rutland I204
25 Cotterill, Harriett  1851(13), Barrowden, Rutland I204
26 Cotterill, Harriett  1841Barrowden, Rutland I204


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wainwright / Craxford  11 Feb 1862Barrowden Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Barrowden, Rutland F83
2 Myers / Curtis  15 Apr 1823Barrowden Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Barrowden, Rutland F11085
3 Goodman / Craxford  25 Dec 1869Barrowden Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Barrowden, Rutland F158
4 Craxford / Cotterill  14 Dec 1823Barrowden, Rutland F10
5 Cotterill / Roberts  8 Oct 1781Barrowden, Rutland F190
6 Coles / Swan  1 Dec 1833Barrowden, Rutland F299
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