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Grandborough, Buckinghamshire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
District/Village : Latitude: 51.918041, Longitude: -0.885719


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chater, Ann  1798Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I25968
2 Clarke, Philip  Abt 1831Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12290
3 Cook, Alice  1815Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12180
4 Cook, Alice Bridget  1869Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12092
5 Cook, Amelia  24 Jan 1859Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6306
6 Cook, Caroline Ann  1850Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12169
7 Cook, David  1866Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6303
8 Cook, Elizabeth  1834Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1658
9 Cook, Elizabeth  1865Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6302
10 Cook, Ellen  1861Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6307
11 Cook, Emanuel  21 Jul 1812Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12183
12 Cook, Emily Kate  5 Jun 1862Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12181
13 Cook, Freda D  Abt 1899Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12135
14 Cook, George  1856Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12182
15 Cook, George  1857Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1020
16 Cook, Jabez  1841Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1657
17 Cook, Jesse Frederick  1 Apr 1897Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12417
18 Cook, John  Mar 1829Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12416
19 Cook, Joseph  1827Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1018
20 Cook, Joseph Stephen Neal  1849Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I18335
21 Cook, Levi  1860Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1021
22 Cook, Nathan  1868Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12137
23 Cook, Rachel  1837Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1656
24 Cook, Rachel Mary  Abt 1893Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12133
25 Cook, Rose Ann  16 Jul 1852Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1022
26 Cook, Rose Ann  Abt 1895Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12134
27 Cook, Roseann  1831Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12138
28 Cook, Sarah Kate  1875Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12093
29 Cook, Stephen  1825Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12080
30 Cook, Thomas  1829Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1655

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cook, Alice  19 Mar 1815Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12180
2 Cook, Alice Bridget  14 Jan 1870Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12092
3 Cook, Amelia  10 Apr 1859Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6306
4 Cook, Caroline Ann  18 Feb 1850Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12169
5 Cook, Elizabeth  3 Aug 1834Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1658
6 Cook, Elizabeth  12 Feb 1865Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6302
7 Cook, Ellen  10 Nov 1861St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6307
8 Cook, Emanuel  2 Aug 1812Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12183
9 Cook, Emily Kate  12 Oct 1862Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12181
10 Cook, Frederick  9 Apr 1864Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6308
11 Cook, George  8 Mar 1856Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12182
12 Cook, George  10 May 1857Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1020
13 Cook, Jabez  20 Jun 1841Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1657
14 Cook, Jesse Frederick  9 Apr 1897St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12417
15 Cook, John  22 Mar 1829St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12416
16 Cook, Joseph  8 Jul 1827Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1018
17 Cook, Nathan  20 Nov 1868Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12137
18 Cook, Rachel  12 Mar 1837Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1656
19 Cook, Rose Ann  16 Aug 1852Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1022
20 Cook, Roseann  6 Nov 1831Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12138
21 Cook, Stephen  11 Sep 1825Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12080
22 Cook, Thomas  22 Mar 1829Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1655
23 Cook, Vincent  23 Dec 1810Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12179
24 Cook, Vincent  13 Jul 1862Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6301
25 Cook, Walter  16 Apr 1854Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I179
26 Cook, William  11 Jun 1865Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12091
27 Foskett, Rebecca  23 Mar 1856Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12221
28 Newman, Daisy  1891Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cook, Caroline Ann  1851Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12169
2 Cook, Nathan  21 Nov 1868Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12137
3 Cook, Rachel  1916Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1656
4 Cook, Thomas  1868Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12136
5 Cook, William  Bef 1871Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1653
6 Foskett, Mary Ann  1868Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1019
7 Foskett, Thomas  1881Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12159
8 Janes, Sarah  19 Mar 1875St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1654
9 Newman, Thomas  1910Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12208
10 Odell, Jane  1868Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6305


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cook, Caroline Ann  18 Jan 1851St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12169
2 Cook, Frederick  13 Jun 1898St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6308
3 Cook, George  13 Mar 1856St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12182
4 Cook, Jesse Frederick  13 Apr 1897St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12417
5 Cook, John  15 Apr 1829St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12416
6 Cook, Joseph  30 Jan 1881St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1018
7 Cook, Nathan  24 Nov 1868St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12137
8 Cook, Thomas  7 Aug 1868St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12136
9 Cook, Thomas  18 Sep 1874St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1655
10 Foskett, Mary Ann  24 Nov 1868St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1019
11 Odell, Jane  5 Aug 1868St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6305


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cook, Alice Bridget  1871(66), Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12092
2 Cook, David  1871Green End, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6303
3 Cook, David  1881Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I6303
4 Cook, Elizabeth  1841Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1658
5 Cook, Elizabeth  1851(80), Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1658
6 Cook, Freda D  1901Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12135
7 Cook, George  1861Church Street, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1020
8 Cook, George  1871Green End, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1020
9 Cook, Jabez  1841Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1657
10 Cook, Jabez  1851(80), Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1657
11 Cook, Jabez  1861(58), Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1657
12 Cook, Jabez  1871(66), Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1657
13 Cook, Joseph  1841Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1018
14 Cook, Joseph  1851Green End, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1018
15 Cook, Joseph  1861Church Street, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1018
16 Cook, Joseph  1871Green End, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1018
17 Cook, Levi  1861Church Street, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1021
18 Cook, Levi  1871Green End, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1021
19 Cook, Levi  1891Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1021
20 Cook, Levi  1901King Street, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1021
21 Cook, Rachel  1841Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1656
22 Cook, Rachel  1851(80), Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1656
23 Cook, Rachel  1861-1891Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1656
24 Cook, Rachel  1901Green End, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1656
25 Cook, Rachel  1911Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1656
26 Cook, Rachel Mary  1901Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12133
27 Cook, Rose Ann  1861Church Street, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1022
28 Cook, Rose Ann  1871Green End, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1022
29 Cook, Rose Ann  1901Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I12134
30 Cook, Rose Ann  1881-1901Marston Road, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire I1022

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clarke / Cook  9 Nov 1857St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9105
2 Cook / Foskett  9 Jul 1849St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F285
3 Cook / Neal  21 Aug 1848St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9053
4 Cook / Williams  8 Dec 1888St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F832
5 Coombes / Newman  1904Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9091
6 Newman / Cook  10 Jul 1854St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9087
7 Newman / Cook  22 Oct 1872St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9070
8 Newman / Foskett  3 Aug 1874Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9089
9 Newman / Stairs  1874Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9090
10 Radwell / Foskett  24 Dec 1855St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9104
11 Rickard / Cook  17 Jan 1850St John the Baptist, Grandborough, Buckinghamshire F9095
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