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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Borrow, Charlotte May  1881Hackney, London I10809
2 Brett, Stephen  1899Hackney, London I10742
3 Clark, Eileen  1884Hackney, London I19312
4 Clark, John Charles  1885Hackney, London I19311
5 Clark, Kathleen Grace  1891Hackney, London I19313
6 Clark, Phyllis Evelyn  1897Hackney, London I19314
7 Cox, Charles  1854Hackney, London I1290
8 Craxford, Doris Lilian  28 Feb 1904Hackney, London I6146
9 Craxford, William James  25 Apr 1912Hackney, London I275
10 Croxford, Edith Mabel  1883Hackney, London I337
11 Croxford, George  1884Hackney, London I338
12 Croxford, Helen M  1881Hackney, London I336
13 Ferris, Edward  1873Limehouse, Hackney, London I1728
14 Ferris, Joseph  1871Limehouse, Hackney, London I1726
15 Ferris, Sarah  1871Limehouse, Hackney, London I1727
16 Ferris, William  1895Hackney, London I20717
17 Goy, Ethel Clara  1894Hackney, London I14120
18 Goy, Mary May  1896Hackney, London I14121
19 Hendry, Sidney Donald  13 Oct 1900Hackney, London I26551
20 Hexter, Dorothy  1904Hackney, London I10741
21 Lovell, Lilian Elizabeth Martha  1881Hackney, London I14474
22 Serjeant, Martha  1865Hackney, London I19142


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Craxford, Alfred Lane  7 Sep 1883St Peter's Church, West Hackney, London I877
2 Craxford, Leonard George Lane  5 Mar 1886St Peter's Church, West Hackney, London I914
3 Craxford, William Harold  5 Dec 1884St Peter's Church, West Hackney, London I915


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Craxford, Albert  2 Nov 1929Hackney, London I1193
2 Craxford, Anne  4 Mar 1926Hackney, London I961
3 Marks, Harry Percival  25 Oct 1981St Joseph's Hospice, Hackney, London I6147
4 Serjeant, James  1870Hackney, London I1288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bowley, Ellen  22 Apr 1867Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I350
2 Craxford, Albert  7 Nov 1929Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I1193
3 Craxford, Alfred  24 Mar 1856Victoria Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I1287
4 Craxford, Herbert  24 Mar 1893Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I7524
5 Craxford, May  6 Jun 1887Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I9875
6 Craxford, Robert  23 May 1881Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I231
7 Craxford, William  26 Mar 1883Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I9888
8 Curtin, Mary Elizabeth  1 Jul 1869Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I369
9 Montague, Ada Isabella  2 Nov 1905Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London I332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Borrow, William  189127, Church Road, Hackney, London I10805
2 Craxford, Albert  192833, Wilberforce Road, Hackney, London I1193
3 Craxford, Anne  1891-19239, Chippendale Street, Hackney, London I961
4 Craxford, Doris Lilian  190450, Foulden Road, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London I6146
5 Craxford, Frances Alice  1899157, Stroud Green Road, Hackney, London I228
6 Craxford, Frederick  190450, Foulden Road, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London I226
7 Craxford, Solomon  1859Clapton, Hackney, London I163
8 Craxford, William James  Apr 19116A, Durlston Road, Hackney, London I257
9 Croxford, Edith Mabel  1901280, Amhurst Road, Hackney, London I337
10 Croxford, George  1901280, Amhurst Road, Hackney, London I338
11 Croxford, George W  1901280, Amhurst Road, Hackney, London I334
12 Ferris, William  1871(9), Abbotts Cottages, Limehouse, Hackney, London I1724
13 Ferris, William  18721, Dalgleish Street, Limehouse, Hackney, London I1724
14 Ferris, William John  1871(9), Abbotts Cottages, Limehouse, Hackney, London I1725
15 Fleming, Agnes  189146, Pembury Road, Hackney, London I17027
16 Fleming, Amy  189146, Pembury Road, Hackney, London I16990
17 Fox, Edith Ann  1901280, Amhurst Road, Hackney, London I335
18 Hickabottom, Jane  Apr 19116A, Durlston Road, Hackney, London I274
19 Hook, Fanny Elizabeth Lupino  186147, Hoxton Square, Hackney, London I958
20 Hook, George Lupino  186147, Hoxton Square, Hackney, London I977
21 Hook, George Lupino  186147, Hoxton Square, Hackney, London I975
22 Hook, Rosina Rebecca Lupino  186147, Hoxton Square, Hackney, London I11829
23 Knipe, Ann  1859Albion Road, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London I164
24 Pigott, Alfred George Ford  1871110, Southgate Road, Hackney, London I1222
25 Pigott, John George Forde  1871110, Southgate Road, Hackney, London I878
26 Proctor, Rosina  186147, Hoxton Square, Hackney, London I976
27 Serjeant, Mary  18714, Gordon Street, Hackney, London I11895
28 Shatford, Emmaetta  1871(9), Abbotts Cottages, Limehouse, Hackney, London I1723
29 Stock, William John  18919, Chippendale Street, Hackney, London I962


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carpenter / Pigott  12 Aug 1886Hackney, London F10381
2 Craxford / Knipe  1 Feb 1859Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, High Street, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London F50
3 Craxford / Pigott  9 Oct 1882St Peter's Church, West Hackney, London F217
4 Underhill / Richardson  23 Jan 1854St Mary's Church, Haggerston, Hackney, London F9820
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