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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bingley, George Robert  1920Leeds, West Yorkshire I19210
2 Carrack, Cecilia  22 Jan 1869Leeds, West Yorkshire I21302
3 Chambers, John William  1910Swillington, Leeds, West Yorkshire I20760
4 Clayford, Henry  26 Mar 1911Shadwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21787
5 Claypole, Emma  Mar 1891Leeds, West Yorkshire I21489
6 Claypole, Frederick  1890Leeds, West Yorkshire I21488
7 Claypole, Nellie  1888Leeds, West Yorkshire I21487
8 Claypole, Walter  1894Leeds, West Yorkshire I21490
9 Coldwell, Mary Ann  1864Leeds, West Yorkshire I27962
10 Corbett, Isabella  1870Leeds, West Yorkshire I9436
11 Craxford, Florence  9 Sep 1890Leeds, West Yorkshire I240
12 Craxford, Henry  7 May 1894Leeds, West Yorkshire I241
13 Craxford, Nellie  7 May 1894Leeds, West Yorkshire I242
14 Field, Betty  1900Leeds, West Yorkshire I19605
15 Gaskin, Sarah  1854Leeds, West Yorkshire I28367
16 Gaunt, Edna M  1922Leeds, West Yorkshire I12002
17 Gaunt, Elsie Rebecca  24 Jun 1888Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19662
18 Gaunt, Frederick Charles  26 Apr 1895Leeds, West Yorkshire I1409
19 Gaunt, Frederick William  25 Sep 1900Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19666
20 Gaunt, Gilbert Leslie  13 Feb 1893Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19664
21 Gaunt, James Russell  1891Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19663
22 Gaunt, Reginald Frank  10 May 1897Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19665
23 Jones, Annie  1856Leeds, West Yorkshire I19588
24 Jones, Frances Mary  1855Leeds, West Yorkshire I19586
25 Lineker, Alfred  Sep 1874Leeds, West Yorkshire I10448
26 Lineker, Arthur  Mar 1877Leeds, West Yorkshire I10449
27 Myers, Thomas  1797Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19147
28 Robinson, Ada  1865Leeds, West Yorkshire I19617
29 Robinson, Gertrude  1858Leeds, West Yorkshire I19614
30 Robinson, Kate  1863Leeds, West Yorkshire I19615

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Gaunt, Elsie Rebecca  28 Aug 1888Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19662
2 Gaunt, Frederick Charles  23 Jul 1895St Stephen's Church, Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I1409
3 Gaunt, James Russell  1 Feb 1891Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19663
4 Myers, Thomas  2 Apr 1797Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19147


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Jane  1907Leeds, West Yorkshire I19602
2 Brewster, Henry Arthur  Feb 1890Leeds, West Yorkshire I24908
3 Claypole, Frederick Cyril  3 May 1955Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21335
4 Claypole, Harry Thomas  26 Oct 1987Leeds, West Yorkshire I12494
5 Craxford, Charles William  11 Jul 1937Leeds, West Yorkshire I238
6 Craxford, Florence  1971Leeds, West Yorkshire I240
7 Craxford, Nellie  1965St James Hospital, Leeds, West Yorkshire I242
8 Field, Frank Percival  2 Mar 1958Leeds, West Yorkshire I612
9 Gaunt, Frederick Charles  1971Leeds, West Yorkshire I1409
10 Gaunt, Frederick William  1912Leeds, West Yorkshire I19660
11 Gaunt, Gilbert Leslie  1974Leeds, West Yorkshire I19664
12 Gaunt, James Russell  16 Feb 1938Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19663
13 Gaunt, Reginald Frank  31 Jan 1958Leeds, West Yorkshire I19665
14 Hook, Florence Lupino  1880Leeds, West Yorkshire I11841
15 Russell, Lydia Mary  1921Leeds, West Yorkshire I19661
16 Tilley, Jacob  1909Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire I28076
17 Turner, Emily Jane  28 Mar 1902Leeds, West Yorkshire I239
18 Turner, John  Bef 1871Leeds, West Yorkshire I19582
19 Unwin, Eleanor  1971Leeds, West Yorkshire I1218


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brewster, Henry Arthur  28 Feb 1890Beckett Street Cemetery, Leeds, West Yorkshire I24908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Craxford, Charles William  191116, Bridge End, Leeds, West Yorkshire I238


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bartholomew, Thomas Frederick  194241, Eden Mount, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21786
2 Bell, Jane  190177, Bayswater Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire I19602
3 Bliss, Joy Yvonne  194141, Eden Mount, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21783
4 Chambers, Charles Henry  1911Swillington, Leeds, West Yorkshire I20759
5 Chambers, John William  1911Swillington, Leeds, West Yorkshire I20760
6 Claypole, Emma  18912, Peterhead Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21489
7 Claypole, Frederick  18912, Peterhead Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21488
8 Claypole, Frederick Cyril  19528, Alwoodley Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21335
9 Claypole, John Thomas  18912, Peterhead Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire I11117
10 Claypole, Nellie  18912, Peterhead Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21487
11 Craxford, Charles William  1891112, Fenton Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire I238
12 Craxford, Charles William  190113, Winfield Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire I238
13 Craxford, Charles William  190616, Royal Park Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire I238
14 Craxford, Charles William  1909-191114, Wrangthorn Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire I238
15 Craxford, Charles William  193724, Bridle Path, Leeds, West Yorkshire I238
16 Craxford, Florence  1891112, Fenton Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire I240
17 Craxford, Florence  190113, Winfield Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire I240
18 Craxford, Florence  191114, Wrangthorn Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire I240
19 Craxford, Florence  193927, Stainbeck Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire I240
20 Craxford, Florence  195717, Raynel Close, Leeds, West Yorkshire I240
21 Craxford, Henry  190113, Winfield Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire I241
22 Craxford, Henry  191114, Wrangthorn Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire I241
23 Craxford, Lizzie  18815, Bridge End, Leeds, West Yorkshire I614
24 Craxford, Lizzie  1891-191112, Bridge End, Leeds, West Yorkshire I614
25 Craxford, Nellie  190113, Winfield Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire I242
26 Craxford, Nellie  191114, Wrangthorn Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire I242
27 Craxford, Nellie  193958, Austhorpe Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire I242
28 Craxford, Nellie  19492, Carter Avenue, Whitkirk, Leeds, West Yorkshire I242
29 Etheridge, Fanny  18912, Peterhead Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire I21486
30 Field, Frank Percival  190177, Bayswater Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire I612

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bedford / Field  1937Leeds, West Yorkshire F488
2 Clayford / Bliss  1954Leeds, West Yorkshire F11829
3 Claypole / Etheridge  1888Leeds, West Yorkshire F11757
4 Craxford / Robson  26 Dec 1904Catholic Apostolic Church, Leeds, West Yorkshire F165
5 Craxford / Turner  27 Dec 1886Catholic Apostolic Church, Leeds, West Yorkshire F69
6 Field / Craxford  22 Apr 1914St Augustine's Church, Wrangthorn, Leeds, West Yorkshire F166
7 Field / Smith  1911Leeds, West Yorkshire F11214
8 Gaunt / Craxford  12 Sep 1921St Augustine's Church, Wrangthorn, Leeds, West Yorkshire F407
9 Glithero / Brooke  1879Leeds, West Yorkshire F12554
10 Knight / Gaunt  1945Leeds, West Yorkshire F9034
11 Lattimore / Marshall  1867Leeds, West Yorkshire F10285
12 Smith / Ingram  8 Nov 1868Leeds, West Yorkshire F12597
13 Till / Colman  1920Leeds, West Yorkshire F10403
14 Tilley / Gaskin  1873Leeds, West Yorkshire F13982
15 Turner / Jones  24 Mar 1881Catholic Apostolic Church, Leeds, West Yorkshire F11208
16 Turner / Stead  1856Leeds, West Yorkshire F8365
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