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Northall, Buckinghamshire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
District/Village : Latitude: 51.870172, Longitude: -0.606736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Newman, Constance  1900Northall, Buckinghamshire I12639
2 Cook, Lucy  8 Jan 1879Northall, Buckinghamshire I12648
3 Cook, Mary  21 Sep 1875Northall, Buckinghamshire I12647
4 Cook, Jesse  8 Mar 1873Northall, Buckinghamshire I12646
5 Cook, Eliza Ann  1870Northall, Buckinghamshire I12654
6 Cook, John  1868Northall, Buckinghamshire I12640
7 Cook, David  Abt 1865Northall, Buckinghamshire I12651
8 Cook, Frederick  Abt 1862Northall, Buckinghamshire I12653
9 Cook, Albert  Abt 1860Northall, Buckinghamshire I12655
10 Cook, Alfred  4 Aug 1857Northall, Buckinghamshire I12650
11 Cheshire, Sarah  Abt 1838Northall, Buckinghamshire I12645
12 Cook, Ebenezer  17 Dec 1824Northall, Buckinghamshire I12644
13 Cook, Eliza  1 Aug 1823Northall, Buckinghamshire I12649
14 Edwins, Elizabeth  1815Northall, Buckinghamshire I12112


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cook, Ebenezer  1907Northall, Buckinghamshire I12644
2 Cook, David  1896Northall, Buckinghamshire I12651
3 Cook, Eliza Ann  1876Northall, Buckinghamshire I12654
4 Cook, Albert  1861Northall, Buckinghamshire I12655


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cook, Ebenezer  1901South End Road, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12644
2 Cheshire, Sarah  1901South End Road, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12645
3 Cook, Mary  1891(78), Church End, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12647
4 Cook, Lucy  1891(78), Church End, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12648
5 Cook, Ebenezer  1891(78), Church End, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12644
6 Cheshire, Sarah  1891(78), Church End, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12645
7 Cook, Mary  1881(72), Side of Road, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12647
8 Cook, Lucy  1881(72), Side of Road, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12648
9 Cook, John  1881(72), Side of Road, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12640
10 Cook, Jesse  1881(72), Side of Road, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12646
11 Cook, Ebenezer  1881(72), Side of Road, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12644
12 Cheshire, Sarah  1881(72), Side of Road, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12645
13 Cook, John  1871Northall, Buckinghamshire I12640
14 Cook, Frederick  1871Northall, Buckinghamshire I12653
15 Cook, Eliza Ann  1871Northall, Buckinghamshire I12654
16 Cook, Ebenezer  1871Northall, Buckinghamshire I12644
17 Cook, David  1871Northall, Buckinghamshire I12651
18 Cook, Alfred  1871Northall, Buckinghamshire I12650
19 Cheshire, Sarah  1871Northall, Buckinghamshire I12645
20 Cook, Ebenezer  1861Peel House Lane, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12644
21 Cook, Alfred  1861Peel House Lane, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12650
22 Cook, Albert  1861Peel House Lane, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12655
23 Cheshire, Sarah  1861Peel House Lane, Northall, Buckinghamshire I12645
24 Cook, Eliza  1841Northall, Buckinghamshire I12649
25 Cook, Ebenezer  1841Northall, Buckinghamshire I12644
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