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Coates, Cambridgeshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bedford, Arthur G  1888Coates, Cambridgeshire I26352
2 Bedford, Eliza  Abt 1892Coates, Cambridgeshire I13302
3 Bedford, George William  23 Sep 1882Coates, Cambridgeshire I26285
4 Bedford, Henry  1829Coates, Cambridgeshire I26350
5 Bedford, Herbert  1898Coates, Cambridgeshire I26288
6 Bedford, Laxton Luke  1866Coates, Cambridgeshire I26348
7 Bedford, Rhoda Ann  1893Coates, Cambridgeshire I26286
8 Bedford, Sarah Evelyn  1896Coates, Cambridgeshire I26287
9 Bedford, Wilfred George  11 Apr 1912Coates, Cambridgeshire I26325
10 Cook, Sarah Ann  Abt 1859Coates, Cambridgeshire I15482
11 Eason, Peggy  Abt 1800Coates, Cambridgeshire I26274
12 Fitzjohn, Alice Ann  1852Coates, Cambridgeshire I15405
13 Fitzjohn, Minnie  30 Oct 1871Coates, Cambridgeshire I26211
14 Laxton, Harriet  1830Coates, Cambridgeshire I26351
15 Pratt, Elizabeth  Abt 1822Coates, Cambridgeshire I15487
16 Setchfield, Alice Ann  1868Coates, Cambridgeshire I26349
17 Wilkinson, Rebecca  1859Coates, Cambridgeshire I26284


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anker, Ernest  5 Nov 1986Coates, Cambridgeshire I13280
2 Bedford, Frances Annie  15 Oct 1976Coates, Cambridgeshire I26304
3 Bedford, George William  21 Mar 1961Coates, Cambridgeshire I26285


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anker, Ernest  1939(79), Gravel House, Coates, Cambridgeshire I13280
2 Anker, Ernest  1986123, South Green, Coates, Cambridgeshire I13280
3 Ashworth, Mary  1901(33), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26347
4 Bedford, Arthur G  1901(14), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26352
5 Bedford, Eliza  1901(33), Coates, Cambridgeshire I13302
6 Bedford, Ernest John  1911Eastrea Road, Coates, Cambridgeshire I26306
7 Bedford, Frances Annie  193929, Council Houses, Coates, Cambridgeshire I26304
8 Bedford, George William  1901(14), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26285
9 Bedford, George William  1901(14), Coates, Cambridgeshire I13947
10 Bedford, George William  193929, Council Houses, Coates, Cambridgeshire I26285
11 Bedford, Henry  1891(101), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26350
12 Bedford, Herbert  1901(14), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26288
13 Bedford, James William  1891(106), Coates, Cambridgeshire I13299
14 Bedford, James William  1901(33), Coates, Cambridgeshire I13299
15 Bedford, John  1911Eastrea Road, Coates, Cambridgeshire I13950
16 Bedford, Laxton Luke  1901(47), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26348
17 Bedford, Laxton Luke  1911Coates, Cambridgeshire I26348
18 Bedford, Rhoda Ann  1901(14), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26286
19 Bedford, Sarah Evelyn  1901(14), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26287
20 Bedford, Selina  1901(33), Coates, Cambridgeshire I13294
21 Bedford, Selina  1911Coates, Cambridgeshire I13294
22 Brewster, Catherine Clark  1911Eastrea Road, Coates, Cambridgeshire I26281
23 Dolby, Emma Rebecca  1891(106), Coates, Cambridgeshire I13300
24 Dolby, Emma Rebecca  1901(33), Coates, Cambridgeshire I13300
25 Laxton, Harriet  1891(101), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26351
26 Pearson, Thomas  1911Eastrea Road, Coates, Cambridgeshire I26282
27 Sarson, Fanny  1911Eastrea Road, Coates, Cambridgeshire I26303
28 Setchfield, Alice Ann  1901(47), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26349
29 Wilkinson, Rebecca  1901(14), Coates, Cambridgeshire I26284


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anker / Bedford  11 Oct 1864Coates, Cambridgeshire F9472
2 Anker / Faulkner  23 Jun 1874Coates, Cambridgeshire F13338
3 Anker / Fitzjohn  10 Jul 1876Holy Trinity Church, Coates, Cambridgeshire F10027
4 Brittain / Anker  19 Jul 1864Coates, Cambridgeshire F13340
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