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North Marston, Buckinghamshire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
Latitude: 51.89874055902119, Longitude: -0.8765029907226562


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cook, Ann  Jul 1738North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12237
2 Cook, John  1804North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12184
3 Cook, John  11 May 1812North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12248
4 Cook, Mary  1751North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12410
5 Cook, Robert  28 Nov 1810North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12247
6 Cook, William  1802North Marston, Buckinghamshire I1653
7 Cox, Alfred  1882North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26562
8 Cox, Arthur  1897North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26566
9 Cox, Frederick  1895North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26565
10 Cox, James  1900North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26567
11 Cox, Kate  1888North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26563
12 Cox, Lydia  7 Jun 1890North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26532
13 Cox, Meyrick  1893North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26564
14 Keedle, Thomas  2 Aug 1817North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12250
15 Mayho, Sarah  Abt 1776North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12192
16 Neal, William  1832North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26486
17 Pittam, Martha  Abt 1800North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12293
18 Smith, Albert John  1888North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26520
19 Ward, Sarah  1860North Marston, Buckinghamshire I26561
20 Warr, Alice  10 Jun 1753North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12195


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Buckingham, Zilpah  18 Dec 1822St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12413
2 Cook, Alice  26 Oct 1787North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12202
3 Cook, Ann  18 Jul 1738St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12237
4 Cook, David  11 Nov 1782North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12199
5 Cook, James  13 Jan 1817North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12187
6 Cook, Jemima  18 Apr 1797North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12193
7 Cook, Jemima White  30 Dec 1836St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12415
8 Cook, Jeremiah  31 Jul 1799North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12204
9 Cook, John  2 May 1804North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12184
10 Cook, Joseph  31 Aug 1777North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12196
11 Cook, Joseph  30 May 1779North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12197
12 Cook, Louisa  26 Aug 1799North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12194
13 Cook, Marianne  12 Jun 1820North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12188
14 Cook, Mary  28 Apr 1751St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12410
15 Cook, Matthew  31 Dec 1785North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12201
16 Cook, Matthew  15 Nov 1808North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12185
17 Cook, Sarah  27 Feb 1789North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12203
18 Cook, Stephen  7 May 1784North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12200
19 Cook, Thomas  19 May 1746North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12190
20 Cook, Thomas  1 Oct 1780North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12198
21 Cook, Thomas  17 May 1806North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12186
22 Cook, William  21 Apr 1776North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12177
23 Cook, William  1 Jan 1803North Marston, Buckinghamshire I1653


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cook, William  Dec 1857North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12177
2 White, Elizabeth  Oct 1847North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cook, Ann  24 Jul 1738St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12237
2 Cook, David  22 Sep 1784North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12199
3 Cook, James  9 Mar 1817St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12187
4 Cook, Jemima  22 Jan 1800St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12193
5 Cook, Jemima White  8 Jan 1837St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12415
6 Cook, Jeremiah  23 Mar 1800North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12204
7 Cook, Joseph  25 Feb 1779North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12196
8 Cook, Joseph  30 Sep 1780North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12197
9 Cook, Matthew  29 Apr 1806North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12201
10 Cook, William  2 Jul 1764St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12205
11 Cook, William  29 Dec 1857St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12177
12 Mayho, Sarah  15 Mar 1801St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12192
13 Warr, Alice  31 Jul 1825St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12195
14 White, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1847St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cook, William  1851(47), North Marston, Buckinghamshire I12177


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cook / Mayho  24 Oct 1796North Marston, Buckinghamshire F9084
2 Cook / Pittam  16 Oct 1827St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire F9108
3 Cook / Warr  28 Aug 1775St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire F9085
4 Keedle / Cook  26 Aug 1816St Mary's Church, North Marston, Buckinghamshire F9097
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