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Poplar, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Davies, Herbert Edwin  188041, Marshfield, Poplar, London I8241
2 Ferris, William John  1869Poplar, London I1725
3 Hunneybell, Alice  1875Poplar, London I20714
4 Hunneybell, Emma  1891Poplar, London I20719
5 Hunneybell, Frederick  1885Poplar, London I20718
6 Joynes, Dorothy  1897Poplar, London I14981
7 Liquorish, Charles William  22 Jun 1895Poplar, London I20006
8 Liquorish, Florence  1883Poplar, London I20002
9 Liquorish, Herbert John  Jan 1886Poplar, London I20139
10 Rogers, George William  1859Poplar, London I20005
11 Rogers, Maria Mary  1857Poplar, London I20001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Liquorish, Edith Emma  24 Apr 1878Poplar, London I20140
2 Liquorish, Herbert John  25 Mar 1886Poplar, London I20139
3 Liquorish, Robert Edward  1932Poplar, London I1722
4 Rogers, Maria Mary  1934Poplar, London I20001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ferris, Edward  18817, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1728
2 Ferris, Joseph  18817, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1726
3 Ferris, Sarah  18817, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1727
4 Ferris, William John  18817, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1725
5 Hunneybell, Alice  189633, Ellesthorpe Street, Poplar, London I20714
6 Liquorish, Agnes  18817, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1729
7 Liquorish, Charles William  19015, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I20006
8 Liquorish, Charles William  19115, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I20006
9 Liquorish, Edith Emma  187789, Augusta Street, Poplar, London I20140
10 Liquorish, Florence  18915, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I20002
11 Liquorish, Robert Edward  187789, Augusta Street, Poplar, London I1722
12 Liquorish, Robert Edward  18817, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1722
13 Liquorish, Robert Edward  18915, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1722
14 Liquorish, Robert Edward  19015, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1722
15 Liquorish, Robert Edward  19115, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1722
16 Rogers, Maria Mary  18915, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I20001
17 Rogers, Maria Mary  19015, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I20001
18 Rogers, Maria Mary  19115, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I20001
19 Shatford, Emmaetta  187789, Augusta Street, Poplar, London I1723
20 Shatford, Emmaetta  18817, Goodliffe Street, Poplar, London I1723


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ferris / Hunneybell  3 Aug 1896Poplar, London F11522
2 Liquorish / Rogers  17 Aug 1890All Saints Church, Poplar, London F11313
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