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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Sarah  1795Rugby, Warwickshire I17374
2 Coles, James  1863Rugby, Warwickshire I24699
3 Coles, William  1862Rugby, Warwickshire I24696
4 Craxford, Arthur J  Abt Mar 1913Rugby, Warwickshire I6501
5 Craxford, Elizabeth Lilian R  7 Mar 1916Rugby, Warwickshire I9878
6 Craxford, Helena Mary  1914Rugby, Warwickshire I6468
7 Craxford, John  11 Apr 1906Bulford, Rugby, Warwickshire I371
8 Craxford, Lottie M.A.  1919Rugby, Warwickshire I6371
9 Craxford, Stanley Joseph  21 Mar 1910Rugby, Warwickshire I6405
10 Fidler, May  30 May 1886Harborough Magna, Rugby, Warwickshire I21148
11 Heritage, Emily Maria  1880Rugby, Warwickshire I20610
12 Hinman, Frances Ellen  Abt 1877Rugby, Warwickshire I10423
13 Hinman, Francis Albert  14 Jan 1887Rugby, Warwickshire I10428
14 Hinman, Francis William  1858Rugby, Warwickshire I10421
15 Hinman, Frederick  Abt 1878Rugby, Warwickshire I10424
16 Hinman, George Edward  Abt 1883Rugby, Warwickshire I10426
17 Hinman, John L  Abt 1888Rugby, Warwickshire I10429
18 Hinman, Lilian  Abt 1886Rugby, Warwickshire I10427
19 Hinman, Thomas Henry  24 Jun 1890Rugby, Warwickshire I10430
20 Hinman, William  1881Rugby, Warwickshire I10425
21 Rayton, Cyril  1911Rugby, Warwickshire I21156
22 Rayton, Frederick  13 Sep 1905Rugby, Warwickshire I21159
23 Sheasby, Freda  11 Dec 1914Monks Kirby, Rugby, Warwickshire I21167
24 Sheasby, Geraldine Hilda Annie  1890Rugby, Warwickshire I21064
25 Sheasby, Hilda Mary  1908Harborough Magna, Rugby, Warwickshire I21149
26 Sheasby, John W  8 Sep 1912Rugby, Warwickshire I21165
27 Sheasby, Lilian Ruth  21 Dec 1909Harborough Magna, Rugby, Warwickshire I21150
28 Smith, Ann  1838Rugby, Warwickshire I19513
29 Smith, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt 1855Rugby, Warwickshire I10422
30 [--?--], Julia Elizabeth  1859Harborough Magna, Rugby, Warwickshire I21152


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Haddon, James  16 Mar 1823Barby Lodge Farm, Rugby, Warwickshire I6321
2 Hinman, Frances Ellen  30 Dec 1877St Oswalds Church, New Bilton, Rugby, Warwickshire I10423
3 Hinman, George Edward  27 May 1883St Matthews Church, Rugby, Warwickshire I10426
4 Hinman, William  27 Mar 1881St Matthews Church, Rugby, Warwickshire I10425


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Claypole, Dennis Rowland  1966Rugby, Warwickshire I13026
2 Clifford, Abel Joseph  1932Rugby, Warwickshire I7525
3 Craxford, Arthur J  Abt Jun 1913Rugby, Warwickshire I6501
4 Craxford, Elizabeth Lilian R  Mar 1985Rugby, Warwickshire I9878
5 Craxford, John  1907Rugby, Warwickshire I38
6 Craxford, Ruth  1952Rugby, Warwickshire I405
7 Craxford, Stanley Joseph  Mar 1994Rugby, Warwickshire I6405
8 Dumbleton, John  Jan 1966Rugby, Warwickshire I21116
9 Dumbleton, William  1892Rugby, Warwickshire I21197
10 Dumbleton, William Thomas  11 Jan 1889Hospital of St Cross, Barby Road, Rugby, Warwickshire I21199
11 Fidler, May  1976Rugby, Warwickshire I21148
12 Price, Ernest  1975Rugby, Warwickshire I21185
13 Sheasby, Ellen  1971Rugby, Warwickshire I21112
14 Sheasby, Harry  1955Rugby, Warwickshire I21065
15 Sheasby, John  1932Rugby, Warwickshire I10431
16 Sheasby, John W  Apr 1992Rugby, Warwickshire I21165
17 Sheasby, Joseph William  1961Rugby, Warwickshire I21066
18 Sheasby, William  1913Rugby, Warwickshire I10432
19 Simpson, Robert  20 Jul 1959Rugby, Warwickshire I882
20 Smith, Ellen Elizabeth  1883Rugby, Warwickshire I10422
21 Stanley, Sophia  1968Rugby, Warwickshire I21180


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Burton, Edwin Thomas  191135, Avenue Road, Rugby, Warwickshire I21258
2 Burton, Montague  191135, Avenue Road, Rugby, Warwickshire I21259
3 Craxford, Joe  1911Barby Lodge Farm, Rugby, Warwickshire I69
4 Craxford, John  1911Barby Lodge Farm, Rugby, Warwickshire I371
5 Craxford, John William  18915, Barby Road, Rugby, Warwickshire I57
6 Craxford, Katherine May  1911Barby Lodge Farm, Rugby, Warwickshire I6349
7 Evans, Albert E  1939Fair Oak, Heather Road, Binley, Rugby, Warwickshire I21058
8 Hinman, Frances Ellen  19018, High Street, Rugby, Warwickshire I10423
9 Peake, Frederick  1939(85), Coventry Road, Pailton, Rugby, Warwickshire I21161
10 Sheasby, Ellen  191135, Avenue Road, Rugby, Warwickshire I21256
11 Sheasby, Geraldine Hilda Annie  1939(24), Stretton under Fosse, Rugby, Warwickshire I21064
12 Sheasby, Lilian Ruth  1939(85), Coventry Road, Pailton, Rugby, Warwickshire I21150
13 Sheasby, William  191135, Avenue Road, Rugby, Warwickshire I10432
14 Timms, William Thomas  1939(24), Stretton under Fosse, Rugby, Warwickshire I21154
15 Wakelin, Edith Maud  1939Fair Oak, Heather Road, Binley, Rugby, Warwickshire I12263
16 Walden, Ada Emma  1911Barby Lodge Farm, Rugby, Warwickshire I613


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burton / Sheasby  1891Rugby, Warwickshire F11694
2 Coles / Smith  1861Rugby, Warwickshire F12822
3 Cox / Sheasby  1932Rugby, Warwickshire F11667
4 Craxford / Thompson  1907Rugby, Warwickshire F433
5 Craxford / Walden  1905Rugby, Warwickshire F115
6 Hinman / Smith  1876Rugby, Warwickshire F8583
7 Jarman / Barnett  5 Apr 1814Rugby, Warwickshire F10583
8 Price / Sheasby  1921Rugby, Warwickshire F11675
9 Rayton / Timms  1933Rugby, Warwickshire F11663
10 Rubython / Dumbleton  1915Rugby, Warwickshire F513
11 Sheasby / Mabel E  1937Rugby, Warwickshire F11668
12 Sheasby / Webb  1855Rugby, Warwickshire F8586
13 Smith / Sheasby  1914Rugby, Warwickshire F11674
14 Tilley / Page  1896Rugby, Warwickshire F12658
15 Timms / Warwick  1847Rugby, Warwickshire F11691
16 Wakelin / Clarke  1936Rugby, Warwickshire F11635
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