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Salford, Greater Manchester


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
City/Town : Latitude: 53.48641131437415, Longitude: -2.30987548828125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Calladine, Jane B  1880Salford, Greater Manchester I23870
2 Dickinson, James  Abt 1835Pendleton, Salford, Greater Manchester I10434
3 Hall, Harold  1891Salford, Greater Manchester I14449
4 Hill, Agnes  1903Salford, Greater Manchester I21234
5 Hill, Edith  1901Salford, Greater Manchester I21233
6 Hill, Emily  1900Salford, Greater Manchester I21232
7 Hill, Esther  13 Jan 1893Salford, Greater Manchester I21226
8 Hill, Martha Jane  1896Salford, Greater Manchester I21229
9 Hill, Mary Alice  1897Salford, Greater Manchester I21230
10 Hill, Samuel Frederick  1898Salford, Greater Manchester I21231
11 Lane, Ellen  1834Little Hulton, Salford, Greater Manchester I14994
12 Morton, Emmanuel  1873Walkden, Salford, Greater Manchester I15001
13 Morton, George T  1857Little Hulton, Salford, Greater Manchester I14995
14 Morton, Hiram  1866Walkden, Salford, Greater Manchester I14998
15 Morton, James A  1871Walkden, Salford, Greater Manchester I15000
16 Morton, Lily A  1870Walkden, Salford, Greater Manchester I14999
17 Morton, Sarah E  1862Little Hulton, Salford, Greater Manchester I14997
18 Morton, Simeon  1860Little Hulton, Salford, Greater Manchester I14996
19 Sedgwick, Eveline  Dec 1903Salford, Greater Manchester I19788


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, William  26 May 1861St Thomas Church, Pendleton, Salford, Greater Manchester I10433
2 Sedgwick, Eveline  3 Jan 1904Bolton-le-Moors, Salford, Greater Manchester I19788


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Claypole, Arthur  1933Salford, Greater Manchester I21322
2 Cook, Ada Annie  1965Salford, Greater Manchester I183
3 Cox, Samuel  1895Walkden, Salford, Greater Manchester I14974
4 Dickinson, Charles Frederick St George  1971Salford, Greater Manchester I21094
5 Dickinson, Ethel Newby  28 Jun 1966Salford Royal Infirmary, Salford, Greater Manchester I21097
6 Dickinson, James Henry  1945Salford, Greater Manchester I21096
7 Dickinson, Joseph Frederick  19 Jan 1980Salford, Greater Manchester I21110
8 Georgeson, Michael  1899Salford, Greater Manchester I10516
9 Heath, George Wilfred  1968Salford, Greater Manchester I21103
10 Newby, Isabella  Apr 1863Pendleton, Salford, Greater Manchester I21128
11 Preedy, William  Sep 1912Salford, Greater Manchester I6009
12 Taylor, Ralph  12 Jan 1979Walkden, Salford, Greater Manchester I8013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Newby, Isabella  21 Apr 1863St Thomas Church, Pendleton, Salford, Greater Manchester I21128


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Calladine, Henrietta  18815, Bank Place, Salford, Greater Manchester I23869
2 Calladine, Jane B  18815, Bank Place, Salford, Greater Manchester I23870
3 Calladine, John  18815, Bank Place, Salford, Greater Manchester I7534
4 Dickinson, Ethel Newby  1965119, Hope Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21097
5 Dickinson, James  1861223, Broad Street, Pendleton, Salford, Greater Manchester I10434
6 Dickinson, James Henry  192030, Thorpe Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21096
7 Dickinson, James Henry  193920, Taylor Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21096
8 Dickinson, Joseph Frederick  197922, Wellington Street West, Higher Broughton, Salford, Greater Manchester I21110
9 Dickinson, William  1861223, Broad Street, Pendleton, Salford, Greater Manchester I10433
10 Dickinson, William  1887Whit Lane, Charlestown, Salford, Greater Manchester I10433
11 Ellis, Annie Rowena  18815, Bank Place, Salford, Greater Manchester I23864
12 Ellis, Louisa Mary  18815, Bank Place, Salford, Greater Manchester I23867
13 Georgeson, Michael  1891228, Ellor Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I10516
14 Heath, George Wilfred  1965119, Hope Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21103
15 Hill, Agnes  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21234
16 Hill, Edith  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21233
17 Hill, Emily  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21232
18 Hill, Esther  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21226
19 Hill, Esther  19208, Thorpe Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21226
20 Hill, Esther  193920, Taylor Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21226
21 Hill, Martha Jane  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21229
22 Hill, Mary Alice  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21230
23 Hill, Richard George  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21227
24 Hill, Samuel Frederick  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21231
25 Newby, Isabella  1861223, Broad Street, Pendleton, Salford, Greater Manchester I21128
26 Preedy, William  188113, Edward Street, Pendlebury, Salford, Greater Manchester I6009
27 Preedy, William  189144, Peel Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I6009
28 Preedy, William  190129, Hazel Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I6009
29 Salsbury, Elizabeth  19117, Wyatt Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I21228
30 [--?--], Anne  1891228, Ellor Street, Salford, Greater Manchester I10966


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dickinson / Craxford  8 Nov 1887St George's Church, Charlestown, Salford, Greater Manchester F8587
2 Dickinson / Hill  27 Dec 1920St Clement's Church, Salford, Greater Manchester F11687
3 Hall / Mather  1888Salford, Greater Manchester F9749
4 Hill / Salsbury  1889Salford, Greater Manchester F11688
5 Morton / Cox  1881Walkden, Salford, Greater Manchester F9903
6 Preedy /   Jun 1877Salford, Greater Manchester F741
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