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Family of Anthony Beadsworth and Mary Ann Spencer

m. 1880 (F11863)

Family chart 

William Beesworth
Male (1821-1902)
Priscilla Reddihoof
Female (1829-1907)
Joseph Readyhough Beesworth
Male (1853-1854)
William Beadsworth
Male (1857-1946)
Jack Beesworth
Male (1866- )
Joseph Beesworth
Male (1870- )
Emma Jane Beesworth
Female (1874- )
Anthony Beadsworth
Male (1860-1946)Relationship
Mary Ann Spencer
Female (1859-1897)Relationship
Alice Rebecca Beadsworth
Female (1882-1900)
Herbert Spencer Beadsworth
Male (1884-1930)
Annie Beadsworth
Female (1886- )
Anthony Beadsworth
Male (1894-1894)
Mary Ann Beadsworth
Female (1895-1895)
Albert Edward Beadsworth
Male (1896-1896)
Ethel Mary Beadsworth
Female (1896-1896)
Alfred Beadsworth
Male (1897-1897)
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