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Ernest Anker and Selina Bedford

Family of Ernest Anker and Selina Bedford

m. 13 Jul 1918 (F9434)

Family chart 

David Anker
Male (1865-1933)
Harriet Flanders
Female (1865-1917)
Charles William Anker
Male (1888-1959)
David Oliver Anker
Male (1888-1888)
Gertrude Anker
Female (1890-1915)
Percival Joseph Anker
Male (1892-1918)
Albert George Anker
Male (1894-1919)
Oliver David Anker
Male (1903-1973)
James William Bedford
Male (1861-1925)
Emma Rebecca Dolby
Female (1860-1943)
Eliza Bedford
Female (1892- )
William Dolby Bedford
Male (1894- )
Ernest Anker
Male (1898-1986)Relationship
Selina Bedford
Female (1896-1976)Relationship
Gladys G Anker
Female (1920- )
Grace Anker
Female (1921- )
Ernest Norton Anker
Male (1923-2007)
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