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Family of Leonard Crane and Eva May Beadsworth

m. 1920 (F396)

Family chart 

Charles Crane
Male (1848-1924)
Mary Louisa Crane
Female (1883-1940)
Charles Crane
Male (1885-1948)
Thomas Crane
Male (1888-1944)
Amos Crane
Male (1890-1954)
William Crane
Male (1890-1968)
Walter Crane
Male (1893-1968)
Arthur Crane
Male (1895-1966)
Arthur Beadsworth
Male (1876-1947)
Louisa Craxford
Female (1877-1920)
Maurice Roland Beadsworth
Male (1906-1972)
Denis Alec Beadsworth
Male (1907-1994)
Bernard Beadsworth
Male (1913-2005)
Hilda L Beadsworth
Female (1919-2009)
Leonard Crane
Male (1897-1962)Relationship
Eva May Beadsworth
Female (1903-1979)Relationship
Reginald Arthur Crane
Male ( -1920)
Marjorie Louisa Crane
Female (1922-1986)
Doreen M Crane
Female (1929- )
Anthony C Crane
Male (1939-2021)
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